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Put all domains in one metaphorical basket.

Contrary to the popular quote of “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” I’m finding more and more that putting all of my domains in one registrar has worked out fantastically. I heard the recommendation while being part of a local Slack group and decided to try it out because I didn’t like maintaining the DNS records across separate websites.

TL;DR I recommend Name Silo due to no surprise pricing structure and cheaper domains year over year than other hosts I’ve tried.

I started back in the day of GeoCities and making simple web pages and we’ve definitely come a long way on the web buying a domain has not changed. What had changed is how domains and hosting are packaged. Many web hosts end up making it much easier to purchase the domain as part of the hosting and that’s really cool for beginners. Any time that process is made easier I believe we’ve done a great thing. Unfortunately, there are times when software gets better for one user it also gets worse for another ( usually the expert user but likely someone like me who’s in between a beginner and expert ). I believe that’s where we are moving to some degree.

Recently I was helping with a transition from one domain name ( to another domain ( and on top of it had to deal with the Name Servers for were actually Microsoft because that’s where the email was hosted. Long story short. I was glad to have had known about NameSilo and already had 12 domains and even hosting ( also super cheap ).

Changing Name Servers and DNS entries can be a tricky business since some of the changes take between 1hr and 48hrs. It can get hairy for a few hours and the expectations are 100% uptime but DNS changes need to take up to 24hrs to propagate globally.

The best part about Name Silo has been that the prices haven’t changed on me year over year unless other hosting companies that lure you in with $10 website but charge $15/year for WHOIS privacy and on top of it increases to domain renewal after that.

Check it out if you are looking to consolidate your domains into one registrar to make it easier to manage all of your precious eggs errr domains.

Note: the NameSilo link is an affiliate link.

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